Visitor Visa: B-1 Visa for Businessmen

Visa for Businessmen

Visitor for a business visa or B-1 Visa

The business visa or B1-visa is a non-immigrant visa intended for businessmen who wish to come to the United States for business or for pleasure or both business and pleasure.

Essentially, the grantee is considered a visitor and is not allowed to travel beyond the duration of the approved visa. Generally, the business visa holder is admitted for only 6 months in the United States up to 1-year maximum.

A business visa holder is not required to work or stay in the United States. The B-1 visa is only issued to an individual who comes to the U .S. for some specific and legitimate business purpose. It is available to those:

  • Business professionals fora particular commercial transaction which do not involve permanent employment;
  • Business entrepreneurs who will attend seminars, conferences, workshops, or product orientation;
  • Individuals who will attend scientific, educational, professional, or religious convention;
  • Workers on some projects in the United States whose services is engaged and paid by a foreign employer;
  • Professional athletes who come to the U.S. to compete in a tournament for prize money;
  • Marketing consultants to do marketing research and study for a proposed business or to develop an existing business abroad and product development; and
  • Individuals who accompany B, E, F, H, I, J, L, M, O, P, R, or TN visa holders as personal or domestic assistants.

Types of Business visa (B visa):

· B-1 visa – is a visa for business purpose

· B-2 visa – is a visa for tourism or non-business purpose like visiting family and friends, social or civic activities or to seek medical treatment

B-1 visa qualifications

To regulate the entry of intending immigrants in the U.S. the USCIS provided rules so that visitors under B-1 visa will qualify under provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. There is a presumption in law that every business visa applicant is an intending immigrant. Therefore, to qualify for a B-1 visa, the applicant must overcome the presumption and be able to show that:

  • the trip is for business, or for pleasure, or to seek medical treatment;
  • the stay is only for a limited period and for a specific purpose; and
  • the applicant is a resident abroad and that for all intents and purposes has reasons to return to his home country

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