Non Immigrant Visas

The people, who are nationals of different nations and have the plans to visit US for non-permanent IMMIGRATION VISAS. These visa holders are known as temporary visitors as well as non-immigrants under the law. The applicant should have to have a strong financial backing that needs to be proved for the time he is in US as well as his intention of coming back to his home country will be verified, after the validity of his visa expire.

Below various options available of NON-IMMIGRANT VISAS issued:

1. E-1 Trade Investment Visa – This visa is for anyone who is planning to trade in goods and services by seeking entry into the United States. The visa grants permission to the person to conduct a business in US.

2. E-2 Essential Employee –A skilled worker who can be deputed as a Manager/supervisor or just a worker and is someone who is required for running the activities of business has to opt for this Visa. It is important that the applicant to be a worker in spite of an investor in order to apply for this visa.

3. E-2 Investment Visa – This is a type of nonimmigrant visa and is for people who have made any kind investments in a US organization, and wish to visit US to grow and give directions to the business operations of that company.

4. E-3 Australian Professional Visa – This is a work visa for the Australian nationals only. The applicant is allotted visa for span of two years at a time and he/she can visit US to work in a forte occupation with his/her family as well.

5. F-1 Student Visa – All the Students who wish to study in United States, need to apply for US F-1 Student Visa with the US Consulate or Embassy in order to get graduate degrees in various fields of Medicine, Management, Law, Engineering etc.

6. H1B Professional Working Visa – This visa is meant for anyone who wants to work in US as a specialized professional of his/her field. It is a nonimmigrant work visa and can be availed by workers from around the world.

7. H-3 Professional Trainee Visa – This visa is meant for all those foreign nationals who wish to receive training in a U.S. company. The H-3 visa is a nonimmigrant visa and does not allow anyone to enter US for a graduate program or medical training.

8. J-1 academic trainee – Industrial students, industrial trainees, teachers, research assistants and scholars from other countries who wish to pursue an internship in US are sponsored for a J-1 academic trainee visa.

9. K-1 Fiancé Visa – K1 fiancé visa is a visa, which allows a fiancé or fiancée from a different nation to reside in US and to marry a U.S. citizen.

10. L-1 Company Transfer Visa – This visa is meant for people who are to be transferred to the branch of the company or subsidiary office situated in US.

11. O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa – People who perform extraordinarily in the fields of arts, athletics, sciences, education, business, or the motion picture or television industry are allowed to come to US under this visa.

12. P-1 Entertainer/Athlete Visa – This visa is meant for athletes and entertainers who have a recognition on the international level. The people under this category are allowed to live up to five years in US.

13. R-1 Religious Visa – This visa is for the people belonging to religious denomination and has served their community for at least two years.

14. TN Professional NAFTA Visa – This visa is for the nonimmigrant NAFTA professionals for Mexicans and Canadians willing to work in US.

If you are unsure what visa is appropriate for your needs, please contact our office and schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney today.