E-1 Trade Investment Visa

E-1 Trade Investment Visa is for anyone who is planning to trade in goods and services by seeking entry into the United States. The visa grants permission to the person to conduct a business in US. Any international businessman would seek for this visa or even a domestic business personnel planning to trade overseas will definitely require this visa. Initially E-1 visas were restricted to a trade of goods and specific services, including banking, finance, and the airline industry. This limited definition of services has been greatly expanded under NAFTA so that trade can be in goods or services without specification or restriction. Apart from US other countries like Australia, Bolivia, Denmark, United Kingdom etc. also grants the E-1 visa for doing trade in their country.

Eligibility Criterion

Before a person can apply for the E-1 Trade Investment Visa, it is mandatory that the nation he belongs to, has signed a trade and investment treaty with US. Other norms include the following conditions:

  1. You or your firm is a TFN (at least 50% of the company stock is owned by TFNs)
  2. You enter the United States to carry on substantial trade (more than 50%) between your U.S. business and a TFN country; it does not matter if your TFN company is engaged primarily in trade with countries other than the United States
  3. The trade is already in existence at the time you apply for E-1 status
  4. You engage in executive or managerial duties or possess special skills that make your services essential to the employer’s operations
  5. You confirm you will leave the United States upon termination of this status

Documents needed to apply for the visa

Following documents are needed to apply for the E-1 Trade Investment Visa:

  1. Applicant’s position with regard to the business he is conducting and a statement describing in detail the nature and function of the business.
  2. Trade invoices, shipping records or bills of landing, company financial statements, import/export licenses, annual report etc. which may prove that there has been a the continued trade between the United States and the country of the applicant’s nationality.
  3. A copy of passport, birth certificates and marriage certificate, U.S. Visa and Form I-94 (if applicant’s are already in the U.S.) all should be provided with the documents.
  4. In case the applicant happens to be the employ of treaty trade enterprise, then evidence of position including, organizational chart, job description, and evidence of recruitment efforts made by the enterprise must be presented with the documents.
  5. Finally an affidavit must also be submitted in which it must be clearly stated that the applicant will depart the United States when the E status ends.

E-1 Trade Investment Visa is granted for the period of two to five years in the general course. There is a full documentation supported in this regard and anyone can determine the maximum period allowed for people from different nationality by referring to the Reciprocity Schedules contained in the FAM. In certain situations an applicant is granted visa only for two years and after its expiry he can apply for the extension of stay as there is no defined limitation on the number of extensions.

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