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USACitizenships is your citizenship lawyer.  What is a citizenship lawyer?  A citizenship lawyer is an immigration lawyer who is dedicated to the field of citizenship and naturalization.  When USA citizenhip refers themselves as citizenship lawyers, we are not stating an area of specialty, we are simply referring to the site that is dedicated to serving those seeking citizenship and naturalization. 

Note, we also will refer to our lawyers as citizenship lawyers, citizenship attorneys, naturalization attorneys, or naturalization lawyers.  The use of lawyer or attorney is a preference thing, and depends on the author of each article.

In regards to the use of the word naturalization, you may read about the difference in our section on the difference between the two.

As for our site as citizenship lawyers and citizenship attorneys, our site is constantly changing and as time passes we will be developing more tools and ways to make our service more convenient, timely and efficient.  As we develop these processes, we will notify you.  As for now, we provide a great service citizenship and naturalization service that is based online and is convenient, reliable and affordable using the internet, phone and traditional mail.

We hope you make your choice for a citizenship lawyer /  naturalization lawyer / immigration lawyer. We know that once you work with us, you will not be disappointed.  For more information on immigration visas, please visit

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