Lawful Permanent Residence and Green Cards

Lawful Permanent Residence and Green Cards

Green Card is the card issued by the Government of the United States as a Permanent Resident Card. It is known as Green Card, being green in previous versions.

It serves as a U.S. Government attested identification Card for an alien signifying the permanent resident status.

It also serves as cogent evidence that its holder is eligible for all the formally given immigration advantages including permanent stay status.

The card is legally issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S.), an Integral part of the Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.).

A Non- U.S. citizen who has applied for a green card and still under pending status, can prevail one of the two crucial permits

  1. Temporary Work Permit called Employment Authorization Document (EAD), that allows the outsider to work in the US
  2. Temporary Travel Document called Advance Parole, that facilitates an outsider to re-enter in the US

U.S. immigration laws in INA (Immigration and Nationality Act) specifies that a non-citizen may receive LPR (Lawful Permanent Resident) Status principally through a course of following proceedings

  • Immigration via a family member
  • Immigration via employment
  • Immigration via investment
  • Immigration via “Diversity Lottery”
  • Immigration via Refugee or Asylum status
  • Immigration via “The Registry” provision of the INA

We would like to take an opportunity here to explore the types of Immigration via Employment and their eligibilities

  1. EB-1 Multi-National Executives: This is the first category of Employment-based Immigration Visa, given to the non-citizens having extraordinary abilities in sciences, arts, education, businesses athletes, researchers, professors with international recognition
  1. EB-2 Advanced Degree Professionals: This category is applicable to people having advanced degrees, like Ph.D., Post Graduation, etc
  2. EB-3 Skilled Workers: Applicable to skilled professionals and workers
  3. EB-4 Religious Workers: Applicable to special Immigrants like ministers, religious workers, etc.
  4. EB-5 Investments: For investors

Besides these categories, we would provide information on the following topics, which may be advantageous, the readers, at least nowadays after the declaration of Mr. Obama not to try for outsourcing for employers. Labor Certification a concept of U.S Immigration. Where, if an employer tries to employ Non-US Worker permanently, he has to process the Green card for the employer. And Labor Certification is the initial and crucial step of that process. Where an employer has to assure US Govt. that they couldn’t find even minimally qualified U.S candidate suitable for that position. To be aware of the Green Card Renewal process is as important as knowing how to get a Green card, as it should always be current and renewed.

Expired Green Card holders may be stopped entering the U.S.

Please go through the detailed pages for more information about acquiring a Lawful Permanent Residence or a Green Card, or contact our immigration lawyers today.