Citizenship and Naturalization Lawyer

Citizenship and Naturalization

There are plenty of advantages for using a Citizenship and Naturalization Lawyer

Having a Citizenship and Naturalization lawyer prepare your N-400 application gives you the best chance for attaining your citizenship.

A Citizenship and Naturalization lawyer provides you with the right information, feedback, and service that is necessary to properly file your application for Naturalization. Here are a few advantages that a lawyer provides for you:

  • An experienced immigration lawyer will have the most up to date knowledge of the rules and regulations that may affect your case.
  • An experienced lawyer will be able to evaluate your specific conditions and advise you on the best manner for attaining your citizenship.
  • An experienced lawyer will have knowledge of other aspects of immigration law that may cross over with your case, like a conviction history or complicated visa histories.
  • An experienced lawyer will know whether applying for naturalization will trigger a removal proceeding.
  • An experienced lawyer will have sat through countless naturalization interviews and know how best to prepare the client for their interview.
  • A lawyer can contact a USCIS examiner or officer and follow up with the case, or in some cases expedite the supplementing of an application.
  • A lawyer is held to a higher standard of professionalism.


For these reasons and many more, you should always consult with Citizenship and Naturalization lawyer when taking actions that can affect your immigration status.



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