Immigration Lawyer

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Hiring an immigration lawyer affords the best opportunity to attain your citizenship, naturalization, Green Card, and visa.

  • Immigration lawyers have experience and knowledge that provides a broader understanding of all the laws relating to your case.
  • An immigration lawyer will understand the circumstances that will affect the success of your citizenship and naturalization application.
  • An immigration lawyer will also comprehend whether there is a risk of your application triggering removal proceedings.

Immigration Lawyer v. Document Preparation Service

Many people complete the N-400 application with a Document Preparation Service.  While it might be slightly more affordable than a traditional immigration lawyer, in many cases it is not based on online services such as USA Citizenships .com.  The risk you run comes down to whether that person preparing your documents is knowledgeable in all the aspects of immigration law.

Because in the end, they do interact with each other.  You may have a certain immigration status that may reflect your qualifying for naturalization.

You also have no recourse when you deal with someone that is not licensed by a governing body in that field.

And for other countless reasons, there really aren’t any more benefits or savings, in the end, to go with a document preparation service or notario.

Using an immigration lawyer will in the end save you more money and more headaches.

Immigration Lawyer v. Do it Yourself Kits

The internet is full of Do it Yourself kits for naturalization.  They charge many different prices and basically provide you with information that can be found free all over the internet.

Depending on the source, they can be as expensive as $199.  And once again there is no service provided other than the packaging of the information that is provided freely elsewhere.