Citizenship and Naturalization Consultation

Citizenship Naturalization Consultation Service provides a citizenship and naturalization consultation. This service is one of the integral services we provide. With just a 15 minute consultation, whether you complete your application through our service or alone, many of the complications in the application process can be avoided.


How it works?

Our service is simple. We request that you submit a questionnaire to our office answering questions about your status, so that the immigration attorney can review your situation and be familiar with your case when consulting with you. This allows us to be more efficient and precise as well as completely knowledgeable on your situation when your matter is to be discussed over the phone or internet.

We conduct a 15 minute consultation, highlighting all the issues that may be of concern in you case. And emphasizing what can be done in your situation.


What is covered in our consultation?

We review your submitted questionnaire.

We review any immigration documents that you might have received prior, if you wish to submit it to us.

We review any criminal records or conviction documents you may have, if you wish to submit them.

We review any documentation that you feel may affect your immigration application.


Fees: $50 for 15 minutes.


Why use our service?

It is essential to your application. Some naturalization applications can cause the triggering of a removal proceeding. For example, if you have a prior conviction that makes you removable or violates the terms of your lawful permanent residence, filing an application for naturalization can alert USCIS officials can subject you to removal.

The slightest mistake on your application or in the manner you submit it can cause lengthy delays or even rejection of your application, setting the applicant back months if not years.

If a mistake is made on your application, it can cost you more in attorneys fees to remedy the mistake.

Our fees are one of the most affordable fees on the internet for having an attorney review your matter.


If you consult with our attorney and decide to retain our office for other services, we will credit your balance for the Citizenship and Naturalization Service. *This does not apply towards the N-400 Application Review service.

To Order this service please email, telephone (213-784-1345),  Chat or fill out our consultation questionnaire.