Citizenship and Naturalization


Citizenship and Naturalization


Citizenship and Naturalization is the most lucrative and most important benefit which is granted by the USCIS. To become a citizen of US you have two conditions:

1. You are born in US or your parents are the citizens of US.

2. By naturalization you are made a citizen of US.

Naturalization – Naturalization is the way immigrants become citizens of the United States. If you were not born as a citizen, you must be naturalized to become one. It is a process for people 18 years or older who want to become citizens of US. To be able to apply for naturalization you must be able to fulfill certain requirements which are as follows:

a. A period of continuous residence and physical presence in the United States You must be living in US since a long time and your records must show that you had a continuous span of stay in US. Your physical availability is a joint factor to determine your stay period which means merely having a home and property in your name just doesn’t prove your physical presence. You must be physically present and living in US since a long time and not just coming and going out of US every now and then.

b. Residence in a particular USCIS District prior to filing – You must be a resident of a place where USCIS is active and present. You must be living since a long period in any of the USCIS District in US prior you become eligible to file your petition.

c. An ability to read, write and speak English – You must be able to read and understand English as well as be able to write it and speak it. This is very important because English is the national language in US and anyone who wants be a citizen of a nation requires having a thorough knowledge of its national language.

d. A knowledge and understanding of US history and government An applicant for naturalization must be known to nation’s history and must have an understanding about all the government rules and regulations. How government works and its policies must all be known to the applicant than only he becomes eligible for applying.

e. Good moral character The applicant will also be judged on his moral values and his ethical perception towards everything. Based on those grounds he will be able to become eligible for applying.

f. Attachment to the principles of the US Constitution – The applicant must be a follower of the rules contained in the US Constitution. His eligibility will be tested on the grounds of attachment he has for the principles of US Constitution.


Derivative Citizenship and Citizenship – Some children acquire citizenship at the time of their birth overseas to a US citizen, provided that the parent has resided in the United States for certain periods of time. Derivative citizenship depends whether a child derives citizenship automatically upon the naturalization of his/her parent(s) depends on the law at the time. There are different clauses to support these different situations. In case if the applicant does not qualify for derived or acquired citizenship, they may qualify for citizenship by application. Children who are adopted are also considered under this clause.

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