What to Know About Treaty Trader Visas

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E1 visas: Nature and purpose of the travel

E1 VisasE1 visas are travel permits intended for Treaty traders and their employees who intend to come to the United States to invest a substantial capital in an enterprise found in the United States or to work with the Treaty investor in an executive or supervisory function. The Treaty investor will keep an international trade in the US and the investors’ home country. The applicants of E1 visas may reside in the United States for as long as the E1 status remains and the trade continues to exist in the treaty country.

A treaty investor is a capitalist investor coming from a foreign country with an existing trade agreement with the United States. The nature of the investment must be of international character (import and export) where title to the goods passes through the contracting treaty country and the US.

While in the US, E1 treaty investors shall have the following privileges and benefits: the privilege to apply for change of status, file an extension of stay, or file for change of employment. For E1 visas issued to applicants living inside the US, a petition for employment is not required. However, when the alien is outside the country, the alien applies for E1 visas on his behalf directly to a US Consular office or US Embassy abroad.

E1 visas: Requirements and conditions for eligibility

Treaty investor visas require documentary evidence for applicant’s eligibility:

  1. The applicant is a national of a country with an existing treaty agreement with the United States and invested at least 50% capital in an enterprise found in the U.S.;
  2. The business trade must be an activity defined in the treaty agreement;
  3. The investment must be substantial, the amount of capital must be sufficient to ensure a continuing flow of international trade between the US and the treaty country;
  4. The E1 trade must be principally conducted between the United States and the treaty country. This means over 50% of the volume of international trade is conducted in the US and the treaty trader’s country;
  5. If the E1 visas applicant is an employee of the treaty trader, the employee must be employed in an executive or supervisory capacity, or must possess special qualifications whose services is essential to the success of the international trade. The employee must also possess the nationality of the treaty investor as his principal employer; and
  6. The applicant must show proof that applicants for E1 visas intend to depart the US upon expiration of the E1 visa status;

E1 visas dependents may come to the US

The spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age of E1 visas may receive derivative E visas to accompany the E1 treaty investor to the US. Once in the US, the spouse may apply for work authorization with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) while the children may go to school to study.

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