Immigration FAQ


Q: What are the fees for processing the naturalization application?

A: $600.00 processing fee for most cases plus the government.*



Q: What are the processing times for a naturalization application?

A: Typically 3-4 days, we do offer a "rush" service.



Q: Are there any other fees associated with preparing and filing the application?


A: If overnight carrier services are needed or are used, the client must pay for them.



Q: What assistance is there in preparation of the interview?

A: At this moment we are not offering the services of an attorney to appear with you at your interview.    While in most cases it is not necessary, if your case is complicated, you may want to hire an attorney to appear with you.  We will tell you if your case would warrant the need of an attorney present at your interview.  For an extra fee, we can have an attorney appear from our offices in interviews in the Los Angeles and Miami areas.



Q: Do you review already prepared applications?

A: Our experienced attorneys will review prepared applications and consult with you on the N-400 application for a fee of $250.00.  



Q: How do we communicate or transfer documents?

A: For items that do not need to be signed, we will use email, chat and fax.  Documents that require signature will be either mailed to you or emailed for you to print and sign, and to return.  Some items may be required to be mailed from your location.



Q: Do you provide a consultation and what is the fee?

A: We also offer a E-Consultation to clients and non clients.  We charge $70.00 for a telehponic consultation or $50 for one via email.  We require that prior to consultation, the client fill out and submit a questionaire.  Once the questionaire is filled out, you will have a response email within 24 hours, or we will schedule a telephonic consultation.  Are times are Pacific Standard time.  So our business operations are normally from 9AM to 5PM (1700).