Green Card Renewal

Green Card Renewal

A Green Card is an official card issued by the US government to person who will be considered as the permanent resident in US lawfully. The card serves as an evidence of authorization to live and work in United States of America. It is officially called Form I-551, the Permanent Resident Card (formerly known as the Alien Registration Receipt Card). It is commonly called the Green Card not because of its current color, but because of the original color of the card many years ago. Any person having the green card may live throughout his life in US unless he does not violet the immigration laws.

The green cards are being issued by the INS (now USCIS) since August 1989 with a 10-year expiration date which required permanent residents to renew their green cards every 10 years. The USCIS, at the time of issuing the card, puts a 10-year expiration date on the front of the card for Permanent Residents. This protects any chances of counterfeiting and tampering by the not Conditional Residents having only 2 years expiration date. It is very important to keep the card safe so as to effectively serve as an evidence of current immigration status, registration, identity, and employment authorization or re-entry documents.

A green card renewal becomes important in order to avoid difficulties which arise after the expiry of the card. Problems like obtaining employment, public benefits and re-entry into the United States after traveling abroad will all become active if the holder fails to renew the card within time. In case the card expires the resident is required to carry evidence of their current legal status like having the temporary proof of status which is received at the time of filing an application to renew the green card. USCIS does not penalize applicants for renewing their green card after it has expired, but applicants should apply to renew their green cards as soon as possible.

Technology has made possible the green card renewal process to be held online. There are many websites through which one can file applications to renew or replace a green card due to expiry. The option to renew card online has proved to be very efficient and time saving activity for the permanent residents. This process is not only quicker than traditional filing method, but it is also easier and more convenient as one can do it in the comforts of his own home or office or any place with a computer and Internet access.

These websites offer easy to download forms with very intuitive set of navigation and options. Apart from the facility of easy downloadable forms, the online green card renewal websites provides the option to use credit cards or debit cards for the payment. These websites have organized links to several documents with detailed overview, instructions and even troubleshooting of the online portal where one electronically submits his soft copy forms. Overall these websites proves to be very handy and useful when you wish to apply for the green card renewal process from any part of US you are staying in.


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