Green Card: The Way to become a U.S Citizen

Green Card: Purpose

Green cardAre you an aspiring immigrant to the US? For most aspiring immigrants, their ultimate wish is to acquire “Green Card” or Permanent Resident Card. With a Green Card, it is the best proof of the individual’s Lawful Permanent Resident status that means the holder can now work, study, and travel in the United States at anytime.More importantly, a person with a valid Green Card is qualified to avail of some privileges afforded to residents of the United States like the right to live an ]d work permanently in the U.S. in accordance with the United States immigration laws and apply for U.S. citizenship after a certain period.

Ways to get a Green Card

Green Card Through Family

To start the process in acquiring Family-based Green Card, a family member who is a U.S. citizen must sponsor the applicant. That family member-sponsor must be the applicant’s husband or wife, the mother or father, the brother or sister or son or daughter. If the sponsor is a Lawful Permanent Resident or “Green card “ holder, then the sponsor must be foreign applicant’s spouse or child.

Green Card Through a Job

Generally, in order to apply for an Employment-based Green Card, a U.S. employer must sponsor the foreign applicant. For a sponsoring employer, he is required to submit a Labor Certification issued by the Department of Labor. The Labor Certification is required to test whether there are qualified U.S. workers who can perform the job offered to the foreign applicant. Once a certification is granted, the employer may now file a petition with the USCIS for an employment visa, but the approved Labor Certification does not guarantee the approval of the petition for employment visa.

Green Card Through Refugee or Asylee Status

A person granted Refugee Status or Asylum may apply for a Green Card after living for one year in the United States. Normally, the refugee and asylum status are granted to individuals who because of fear for their safety and security, refused to return to their home country for fear of being persecuted due to the person’s religion, race, nationality and social or political affiliation.

Green Card through Lottery

Through the Diversity Visa Lottery (DV) Program of the USCIS, there are 50,000 visas being awarded annually to all qualified individuals around the world. Those who were lucky to be picked during the lottery were issued Green Cards granting them the privilege to live and work in the United States together with their families.

Green Card; Validity, Renewal and Replacement

The Green Card is valid for only ten (10) years and must be renewed before the lapsed of the 10-year period. For Green Card through marriage, a conditional visa may be issued valid only for two (2) years. Within 90 days before the Conditional Permanent Resident status expires, the spouses must apply for the removal of the condition. In addition, when the visa is lost or about to expire, the holder may request for Green Card replacement before its expiration.

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