H-1 B Visa

h1b professional working visaH1B Professional Working Visa is meant for anyone who wants to work in US as specialized professional of his/her field. It is a nonimmigrant work visa and can be availed by workers from around the world. According to it, any foreign national will be allowed to work temporarily in US in a specialty occupation. The government of US has made it mandatory for the applicants to at least possess a Bachelors degree or its equivalent to be able to become eligible for the consideration of this visa. These occupation categories includes: computer and internet technology, marketing, law, accounting, finance, mathematics, architecture, engineering, sciences, medicine, education, business, arts, public relations, various technology fields, fashion, etc. Fashion models are treated as exceptional with regard to the H1B visa academic requirements.

There are sets of rules which regulate the process of allotting H1B Professional Working Visa formalities. The most prominent one is the documentation of the applicant’s education and/or experience. Possession of a graduate degree in any field is the most easy and common way to further step ahead in the visa formality. In case the applicant has not attended school, his formalities may took a longer time as he will then be evaluated by a credentials evaluation service to ensure it is at least equal to a bachelor’s degree. Under USCIS rules, three years of work experience is equal to one year in college. And in this way the applicant can demonstrate his work experience or a combination of education and experience that he has the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.

H1B Professional Working Visa is generally issued for the period of three years initially which could be extended up to six years including the extension. Holders of Labor Certifications are treated as exception and may take the privilege of extending their visa past six years. There may also be an opportunity to recapture unused initial period time.

Other exceptions to the H1B Professional Working Visa includes employees who are employed at non-profit research organizations, non-profit entities, non-profit schools or universities, government research organizations etc. Physicians who obtained a Conrad 20 waiver of the J-1 visa two-year home residency requirement are treated as exception. Any person who has been counted against H1B quota already will be treated as exception. Persons already engaged in H1B employments who are applying to work simultaneously for an additional employer while maintaining their current employment will all be treated as exceptions to the quota.

The applications are accepted throughout the year till the H1B Professional Working Visa quota is reached. Every year the Fiscal year starts from October 1 and is continued till the quota has been met. A quota of 65,000 H1B visas has been set and issued per year. The additional quota includes 20,000 H1B visas which are allotted to those who qualify as a specialty occupation each year. One must remember to file for a change of status requires the applicant to maintain his/her status till the fiscal year formally starts that is till October 1 in order to be eligible for a change of status. Exception to this includes students who can apply for the change of status before that.

You can find more information on the H1B visa from the U.S. State Department.

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