H-3 Professional Trainee Visa

H-3 Professional Trainee VisaH-3 Professional Trainee Visa is meant for all those foreign nationals who wish to receive training in a U.S. company. The H-3 visa is a nonimmigrant visa and does not allow anyone to enter US for a graduate program or medical training. There is a category of this visa which allows Special Exchange Visitor to apply for nonimmigrant visas under the H-3 visa program. By Special Exchange Visitor we mean a person who seeks to enter the U.S. to gain practical training in educating children with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. These visitors are allowed to enter US and stay for a period of 18 months only and 50 visitors are allowed to enter US per year under this category.

There are several privileges that you will enjoy under H-3 Professional Trainee Visa category. After getting this visa you will be allowed to get trained under the professional capacity though it will be for a temporary period. You may also bring your spouse along with your children who are under 21 years of age. You will be free to travel in and out of the U.S. or remain in the U.S. continuously during the validity of your H-3 visa. These were some of the privileges that you can enjoy on H3 visa.

Fields like commerce, agriculture, government, professions, finance, agriculture etc. needs training and you may receive the H-3 Professional Trainee Visa to get trained in these fields after you qualify. In order to qualify you need to prove that you don’t have any opportunity to get similar training in your home country. You must certain them that the skill you acquire after getting trained in US, will be used outside of US. You are not going to get in any medical stream as well as you will not receive any medical graduate certification if you are on this visa in US. You will need to prove that the training offered does not employ U.S. citizen and resident workers.

As far as limitations are concerned H-3 Professional Trainee Visa has its own limitations as well. The first and foremost limitation is that the petitions must be filed by the US Company who is willing to provide the training. Second limitation states that H-3 visa holder must remain outside US for a period of six months in order to seek for a change of status in case where the holder is found out to be in US for the maximum period allotted to him. Thirdly, any dependents of the visa holder will not be allowed to seek a job in US at all. Lastly no physician or doctor in the field of medical is eligible to receive any type of medical training or education.

In order to apply for the H-3 Professional Trainee Visa, it is necessary that the US training provider submits Form I-129 which is a petition for Nonimmigrant Worker and it has to be filed with the regional USCIS center that has jurisdiction over the place where the training will be offered. It should be noted that the petition has to be filed before 6 months from the date of commencement of the training program.