H1 Visa: The Work Visa to the United States

About USA Citizenships and H1 visa

H1 VisaUSA Citizenships is a team of immigration experts and professionals that will help you process your H1 visa. The letter-invitation from a US employer inviting you to work in the U.S. is a chance in a lifetime. Do not gamble your opportunity to go out and work in the United States, talk to our immigration lawyers to discuss your eligibity requirements. Although, you can process the visa personally, but having the guidance of competent immigration experts will make a huge difference in time, effort, and convenience.


H1 visa: Nature of the visa

For those who are not familiar with H1 visa category, it is a work visa intended for short-term duration only. For the foreign worker, he has to apply for H1 B visa and prove that he is a qualified worker for the position holding a Bachelor’s degree, a post-graduate certificate, or a person with specialized skills in “specialty occupation” in the field of education, medical, mathematics, engineering, architectural, information tecnology, arts and many others. This means that the occupation requires theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge requiring competent professionals to fully perform the occupation. The foreign worker’s qualifications would be the basis and main criterion under H1 visa category to be eligible for the position.

H1 visa: The LCA requirement

For H1 visa, the US-based employer takes the initial steps before the foreign worker may be permitted to apply for the employment visa. The employer must seek approval from the Department of Labor through a Labor Certifications Application (LCA). The employer must show proof that the employee possesses the required credentials for the position. He also undertakes to pay the foreign worker a remuneration equivalent to the position of equally situated U.S. worker as well as to provide the same working condition and privileges.

Why USA Citizenships?

H1 visa partakes a greater portion of nonimmigrant visas who wish to enter the United States for employment purpose and the U.S government had allocated only about 65,000 H1 visas each year. To avoid unnecessary delays and unhappy consequences, find help with USA Ctizenships. Considering the limitations in number under H1 visa, it is very important that H1 visa applicant takes care in preparing an error free H1-B visa application and comply with all the requirements of the program. A single error in the application and in failing to observe proper procedure is a risk to take and a greater chance that your application will be denied. This would mean going through all over the procedure once again and other months of waiting.

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