H-1B Application Process

The H-1B Application Process


The H-1B visa application process is pretty cut and dried. The following are the steps in the application process.


1) The first step is to complete the online application form for the H-1B visa;

2) After due review of the application, should the position and the applicant are eligible for the H-1B visa, a formal instruction form would be sent back to the applicant. This would include completion of any additional data as well as submission of documentation as required by the law;

3) The sponsoring employer would then file a request for a prevailing wage advice as well as a Labor Condition Application form with the Labor Department. The individual applicant would then be required to complete the I-129 H form to be submitted with the appropriate Regional Service Center of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services;

4) After submission, all the documentation is reviewed and examined. All the reviews would take between two (2) and six (6) months. If the petition is approved, a Notice of Approval would be sent to the sponsoring employer. The sponsoring employer would also send a copy of the Notice of Approval to the H-1B visa applicant to be submitted to the US consulate;


Barring any issues with regards to the H-1B visa’s documentation, the H-1B visa would then be issued to the visa applicant.

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