H1B Premium Processing

The H-1B Visa Premium Processing Service is an option for American employers to fast track the processing of an H-1B petition in order to meet the needs of the employer in employing the individual through the work program.

Under this program, the USCIS provides a fifteen (15) calendar day timetable when employers opt for this service. Failure to comply with such timetable would result in the refunding the amount paid for the service. In order that the timetable can be used, the employer would need to pay an additional $1,000 filing fee for the premium processing service.

The fifteen (15) day period commences upon the delivery of the completed Form I-907 delivered to the USCIS Processing Center. The period would end upon the issuance of a notice by the USCIS. The notice may be a notice of approval, a request for evidence, intent to deny application or notice of investigation for fraud or misrepresentation. If the issued notice were a request for evidence, a new fifteen day period would begin again after submission of the requested documentation and the issuance of either the notice of intent to deny or approval.

The following are the steps under the H-1B Premium Processing Service:

Step 1: Completion of the Form I-907;

Step 2: Remittance of $1,000;

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