Immigration: Things to Know

Why people immigrate

ImmigrationAs we all know, immigration pertains to the act of moving to or settling of an immigrant in another region or country whether temporarily or permanently. An immigrant is an individual, or a resident or a citizen of another place who intends to reside permanently in another place. immigration means “in-migration” to move or settle into a country as oppose to emigration or “out-migration” which means to move out of one’s community, region, or country. Generally, to be eligible for an immigrant visa, the foreign national must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen relative (family-based visa), or by a U.S. lawful permanent resident (fiance visa), or by a prospective employer (work visa), and be the beneficiary of an approved petition filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

People as a social being, immigrate for a variety of reason, for self-development and growth, and finds his own life with the community he chooses. Some reasons include the practice of profession, political environment, studies, work-related, economic comfort and peace and order situation. As of now, the prevailing scenario why immigration occurs is due to economic reasons. Third world countries are far below the standards of living of most developed countries that is why people choose to migrate and live permanently in fully developed countries in order to find high paying work or for invesment or business purpose.

The ways and benefits of immigration

Anybody can enter the United States through an immigrant visa or a nonimmigrant visa, provided he/she meets all the requirements and possess no disqualifications. A nonimmigrant visa grants temporary stay to the U.S. for a specific purpose only like to study (S-Visa), to work (E-Visa), or as a tourist (T-Visa) or for the purpose of investment or business expansion (S-Visa) and many others. The most convenient way to enter the U.S. is through a family-based visa.

Immigrant visas are intended for permanent residency status in the United States. Once an individual was granted visa and entered the U.S., you can adjust your status and file your petition for green card. When granted with green card, the foreign national can now work, and live permanently in the U.S. He can also vote during the electoral process and eligible to apply for a US citizenship.

To regulate the influx of people into the United States and some developed countries, the United States particularly has put strict guidelines to limit the number of people allowed to enter, work, and live permanently in the U.S. Strict laws, rules, and regulations are imposed to ensure that only qualified individuals may enter and become citizens of the U.S.

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