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Immigration AttorneysThe US Federal government has controlled the influx of immigrants to the United States through the issuance of laws, rules, and regulations to be observed by citizens of the country as well as by foreign nationals who has the intention to come and live in the U.S. as permanent residents (immigrants) or as temporary resident aliens (nonimmigrants). Immigration Attorneys most of the time had assisted foreign nationals to be able to study, join relatives, work, and live in the U.S. Among the most common visas used by U.S. settlers are Family-based visa, Employment-based visa and Business visa.


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Our website, is an Immigration site for The Law Offices of David A. Lluis. Our web services caters to immigration issues and discusses comprehensively matters on Immigration Laws and questions related to immigration proceedings and legal consequences for non compliance of immigration laws, which only experienced Immigration Attorneys equipped with understanding and exposed to actual practices can expertly thrashed out immigration problems. Processing of visa application is a very complicated process where only skilled Immigration Attorneys can adequately protect the interest of immigrants and nonimmigrants under the U.S. immigration laws.

Our Immigration Attorneys can handle your case efficiently through:

  • Visa filing
  • Filing of petition for Legal Permanent Residency Status
  • Citizenship and Naturalization proceedings
  • Petitions for Adjustment of Status
  • Extensions of Stay
  • Appeal the decision of Immigration Officials
  • Prepare Deportation defenses
  • Illegal immigration issues
  • Conduct Research on matters relating to immigration

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The Law Offices of David A. Lluis is one of the most competent law firms in the field of Immigration proceedings. Located in Los Angeles, California, our pool of Immigration Attorneys will see to it that they are available at anytime of the day to answer your immigration questions online or offline in all 50 States of the country and clients from all over the globe. Our Immigration Attorneys are licensed professionals who can efficiently discuss your immigration options and concerns. You can actually request for a one-on-one consultation for free through our website at or call our hotline at (888) 940-0044.