Immigration Questions: Find help with USA Citizenships

What USA Citizenships Immigration Lawyers can do to help you?

Immigration is your link to the Law Offices of David A. Lluis located in Los Angeles, California composed of professionals and Immigration Lawyers that could answer your immigration questions and visa processing problems. They are available 24/7 to give you personalized and high quality immigration services and solutions.

USA Citizenships have assisted hundreds of clients both citizens and non-citizens of the Unites States regarding immigration questions. Our Immigration Lawyers can help you with your immigration problems like:


filing your visa application;

  • obtaining green card;
  • processing your application for U.S. citizenship;
  • bring your relatives to the United States in a timely manner;
  • reinstating revoked petitions;
  • Waivers;
  • extending, changing or adjusting your status while in the United States;
  • keeping your Legal Permanent Residency status;
  • defending you from immigration cases filed against you; and
  • appealing orders and decisions of the Consular Officer denying your visa application.

Moreover, USA Citizenships Immigration Lawyers provide legal services in areas involving Family law like international and local adoption, divorce and petitions as well as Business and Investor’s visa. Immigration Lawyers can also represent you in court in all stages of the proceedings up to the appeal stage before any government agencies, Board of Immigration Appeals, Administrative Appeals Office, and the Federal Courts of Appeals. We have links from all agencies in the United States and other agencies worldwide that could attend to your immigration problems relative to your application to visit, study, work or reside in the United States.

Our Immigration Lawyers believed that each case that reached the office of is important and deserves excellent immigration services. With this, our Immigration Lawyers will handle all your immigration questions with care, pursue your grounds with enthusiasm and dedication, and provide viable solutions to your immigration issues.

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