Intracorporate Transfer Visa, Your Way to the United States

Knowing Intra Corporate Transfer Visa

Intracorporate Transfer VisaThe US government includes in its program Intracorporate Transfer Visa granting permit to travel to managers and executives of a foreign corporation as well as those employees withspecialized knowledge and experience.

A foreign corporation can apply for a Blanket L-1 visa to speed up the transfer of a number of employees to its US parent office, branch office, subsidiary, or corporate affiliate of a foreign corporation.



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Types of Intracorporate Transfer Visa

  1. L1-A visa – This visa is intended for foreign managers and executives who will be working in the US for the purpose of managing the operation of a US-based company which is the parent office, branch office, affiliate, division or a subsidiary office of a foreign corporation; to supervise a large number of US-based employees; or to manage a department or a division of a foreign corporation. This type of visa is effective for a period of three (3) years, renewable every two (2) years, but not to exceed seven (7) years.
  2. L1-B visa – This visa is for foreign employees with specialized knowledge and experience about the company products, system, methods and techniques which are essential in the operation of the company. This visa is for a period of three (3) years renewable every two years, but not to exceed five (5) years.
  • Who may apply for Intracorporate Visa?
    • L1-A visa. The employee of a foreign company must come to the US through an approved petition by a US-based employer. The sponsored employee must be holding a key position in the foreign company as a manager or as an executive who is requested for transfer to the company’s parent office, subsidary, or affiliate based in the US that is sponsoring the employee.
    • L1-B visa. The employees of a foreign company possess specialized information, knowledge, and experience about the company’s products and services. The employee will be employed by the U.S. parent office, branch office or corporate affiliate and subsidiary of the foreign company in a position requiring especialized knowledge and experience.


“Specialized knowledge” refers to the employees’ level of understanding of the company’s products, services, operational techniques, research, and management of the company operations. It also refers to the level of knowledge and expertise of an employee of the company’s corporate processes and procedures and the ability to train personnel and employees in areas involving product knowledge, manufacturing, and distribution of goods and service.

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