J Visa: The Exchange Visitor Visa to the USA

j visaJ visa or Exchange visitor visa is designed to promote cultural and educational values between participating nationals of foreign nations and the United States. With the intervention of USA citizenships, applicants will be guided on the procedure and processes to come to the U.S. as an exhange visitor.

Essence of J visa

The J visa is designed to promote educational and cultural enrichment by the exchange of educational and cultural awareness through research, study and exchange of skills, knowledge, and information in the field of arts, education, and sciences. J visa is classifed into the following categories: J-1 visa for students, J-1 visa for scholars, and J-1 visa for professors.


  • J-1 visa for students. The student must be admitted to the United States to undertake a full course study or engaged in a full time non-degree course study.
  • J-1 visa for scholars. The scholar must come to the United States primarily to conduct research, or conduct an advance study in connection with a project. The scholar may be permitted to teach or lecture in some U.S. schools or institutions.
  • J-1 visa for professors or specialists. The professors primarily come to the U.S. as a teacher, as lecturer, as observer, or for consultation. The professor may at the same time conduct research for a particular project.

J visa requirements

The J-1 visa category is a nonimmigrant visa granted for two (2) years only, afterwhich, the applicant must return to his home country. While in the U.S., participants are not permitted to change status to temporary worker or to permanent residency status except when granted a waiver by the U.S. government. Participants are required to be English proficient and complied with the insurance requirements prescribed by the program. The applicant must also undergo a mandatory two-hour immigration check in program at the University of Michigan International Center. Failure to attend to the program within 5 days from arrival in the U.S. is a ground for termination of the J visa status.

J visa sponsor

It is also required that applicants will have a sponsoring firm or institution who files the petition in his behalf and monitors the progress of the participant for the duration of the J visa. The sponsor will see to it that the applicant will have sufficient funds to cover his expenses during his stay as an exchange visitor.

J visa fees

  • SEVIS Fee. The applicant’s sponsor will have to issue Certificate of Eligibility for exchange visitors (Form DS 2019). In addition, the sponsor or the applicant may pay the SEVIS fee and present proof of payment (Receipt l-901) to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • J visa Fee. This is a visa-processing fee paid by the applicant upon issuance of the visa. However, for government-sponsored programs, payment for the J visa-processing fee is not required.

J2 visa

J visa participants can bring along his spouse and unmarried children below 21 years of age through J-2 visa. The dependents must carry with them medical insurance as required by the program and show proof that they have sufficient financial resources to cover all expenses while in the U.S. The dependent spouse may work in the U.S. subject to an authorization to accept employment from the U.S. government.

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