Knowing K1 Visa

k1K1 generally refers to your application for a Fiance(e) visa. The K1 fiance visa is a nonimmigrant visa allowing foreign nationals to enter the United States and marry a US citizen. It is issued to the American citizen petitioner and the foreign Fiance(e) who must be both legally eligible to marry each other. K1 visa applicant entry to the United States is made quick and easy with the assistance of USA citizenships Immigration Attorney. An immigration attorney knows about the correct visa processes, visa requirements, and immigration laws. You would be confident that your K1 fiance visa application would be processed and approved. Your immigration attorney will advice you on things that you should do and things that you should not do.

The K1 visa procedure

Generally, The US citizen files Form l-129F with the USCIS. If approved, the petition is forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC) for processing. Normally, it is the US Embassy or the Consulate Office that informs the applicant of the approved K1 petition and schedule for an interview. K1 visa is effective only for 90 days. The US citizen and the foreign Fiance(e) must get married within the 90-day period upon applicant’s arrival in the United States. If no marriage had taken place, the foreign Fiance(e) has to leave the U.S. on or before the lapse of the 90-day period, otherwise, your K1 travel permit becomes automatically invalid and without effect. When this happens, the foreign national will be guilty for violating the immigration law.

K1 procedure with the Consular Office

The U.S. Consular Officer conducting the interview may at his discretion asked for additional information and requirements to show proof that the US citizen sponsor and the foreign Fiance(e) have genuine relationship. Proofs may be in the form of photographs, letters, cards, and others. Copies of documents will also be required, so that it is necessary that the applicant must have all documents photocopied and made available when asked by the Consular Officer like copies of your passport, birth certificates of accompanying child or children, and divorce decree or death certificate and others. For documents that require English translation, it must have the translated copy ready. Normally, all original documents are returned to the applicant.

K1 visa help

When you have the services of USA Citizenships Immigration Attorney, the K1 visa applicant will be guided throughout the visa processing. The Immigration Attorney will take care of all the paperworks and all other requirements, just to have the approval of your K1 visa application. For USA Citizenships assistance, log on to or call for an appointment with our Immigration Attorney. Dial (888) 940-0044 now!