K1 Visa: How Applied

k1 visaK1 Visa: How Applied

What is K1 visa?

To start the process for your K1 visa application, the United States (U.S.) citizen sponsor files Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) office.



The K1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa for a foreign-citizen Fiancé(e) of a (U.S.) citizen. With the Fiancé(e) visa, the beneficiary is allowed to immigrate to the U.S. and marry a U.S. citizen. However, certain requirements have to be complied to be ilegible for a K1 visa. The following requirements must be observed:


  • The sponsor must be a US citizen.
  • Requirement of personal meeting by the U.S. sponsor and the Fiancé(e) in person within the last two years.
  • There must be an intention to marry the Fiancé(e) to marry within 90 days upon entry in the United States.
  • The sponsor must show the financial capability to support the Fiancé(e)) for the duration of the stay in the U.S., normally a requirement to show 125% of your current poverty level, Poverty Guidelines for your household including your Fiancé(e) and any children.
  • The couple (sponsor and beneficiary) must be both legally free to marry.
  • The foreign Fiancé(e) must have no criminal records and have bnot violated any of the U.S immigration laws.

Documents required of the K1 visa

The following documents must accompany with your K1 visa application:

  • Form I-129F;
  • If you were born in the United States, present a copy of your birth certificate or the Certificate of Naturalization. If this is not available you may secure your school records showing the date of your admission in school, birth date, name of parents and other relevant information, State or Federal Census record, baptismal Certificate or even sworned Statements of two persons who have knowledge of your birth and other personal circumstance;
  • Affidavit of Support (Form I-134/I-864);
  • Financial statements;
  • The photo of your spouse;
  • Completed and signed Form G-325A for you and your Faincee;
  • Passports;
  • Divorce decrees, annument order or death certififcate of the former spouse (whichever is applicable);
  • Proof of meeting with your Fiancé(e) in person within the previous two years. The proof of the meeting may consist of photos, restaurants or hotel receipts, passport stamps, and copies of airline tickets; and
  • If the applicant will bring minor child or children to the U.S., the applicant must apply for K-2 visa. Separate applications must be submitted for each K visa applicant together with the visa application fee.

K1 visa help

For information, Form I-129F cannot be filed at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate office abroad. If you want to ask how K1 visa is process and the documents required to become, visit our website at or consult our immigration lawyers personally. Call our hotline at (888) 940-0044 for more information.