L-1 Visa Intracompany Transferree

L-1 Company Transfer Visa is for the people who work in the capacity of Manager, Executive or Workers with specialized knowledge.

intracompany Transferree

This visa allows the people in the above-stated category to work in the US Branch of the company which is based in the home country of the transferee.

This is a non-immigrant visa and enables the worker to work for up to seven years in the US. The whole process is so smooth that the visa holder may be granted a “green card” and can also get exempted to present his non-immigrant intent on a continued basis.

All the people having specialized knowledge are capable of having this visa and get transferred to the US.

The US Law Center assists throughout the whole process of visas worldwide so the applicant does not have a problem regarding the issuance of his visa within a particular time period.

Eligibility Criterion for the L-1 Company Transfer Visa:

The applicant becomes eligible in the case when the employer had worked in the US for 1 continuous year within the past 3 years and thus the applicant is being sent to continue his work in his place.

Mandatorily the employer had worked in the position of a manager/executive or specialized knowledge staff capacity and so does the applicant will.

The applicant may get paid through a consulting company and it is not essential for the employer to directly sponsor the applicant but it is necessary that the sponsoring agency or consultancy had management and control over the worker during the qualifying year.

The L-1 Company Transfer Visa includes two categories in it which are as follows:

  1. Managers or Executives – It is important that the applicant has worked either as the manager or as an executive in the company and discharged his duties which come under his title.

    All the duties like supervisory responsibility for professional staff and/or for a key function, department, or subdivision of the employer, executive planning, organizing, directing, and controlling an organization’s major functions, and work through other employees to achieve the organization’s goals, all must be a part of his designation and must have been necessarily discharged by him/her.

    The applicant needs to enclose the detailed list of his duties, along with its description, with the petition forwarded to the US Embassy for getting the L-1 Company Transfer Visa.

    The petition in its initial level is approved for a period of 3 years which can be renewed two times for 2 years each for a total of 7 years. L1A visa is granted for people belonging to this category.

  2. On the basis of Specialized Knowledge – The applicant must not possess’ knowledge in a general context.
    The knowledge which is common or relates to practices or techniques followed in the general course of business, as the people with such knowledge are available in the US itself and so the applicant will not qualify if he is to be considered on this basis.

    Rather the applicant must have knowledge that directly relates to the proprietary interest of the company. He must have knowledge of the company’s products/services, research, systems, proprietary techniques, management, or procedures which is special to himself or officials at higher posts. L1B visa is granted for people belonging to this category.

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