L1 Visa: The Intra-Company Transferees Visa for Foreign Employees

L1L1 Visa: Nature and Purpose

The L1 Visa is a nonimmigrant Intra-company Transferee visa valid initially issued for three (3) years, which is available to employees of international companies who will be working with the parent office, subsidiary, corporate affiliate, or company branch in the United States. The L1 Visa is renewable for a period of two (2) years increment up to a maximum of seven (7) years.


L1 Visa: Benefits of the L1 Visa

The grant of L1 Visa follows the grant of benefits for the applicants:

  • To lawfully apply for permanent residency status;
  • To freely travel in the country and abroad while on L1 Visa;
  • The chance to bring along the dependents of L1 Visa applicants to the U.S. through the grant of L-2 visa ; and
  • The spouse can engage in employment while in the U.S. provided the spouse be authorized and granted permit through Form l-765 (Application For Employment Authorization).

L1 Visa: Eligibility requirements

L1 Visa is only granted to two (2) categories of employees:

  1. L1-A visa for Managers and Executives. The employees referred to in this category are those in the management position who plays a key role in the management and supervision of employees in one department. Employees under this category are issued an intitial three-year visa up to a maximum of seven years.
  2. L1-B visa for Employees in Specialized Position. This category covers those employees and staff who posses such specialized knowledge and experience of the company’s products, services and company procedures and techniques in the international market. Employees in this category can stay in the US for a period of three years extendible to a maximum of five years.

Both level of employees must comply and satisfy the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be an employee of the foreign company holding the position of a manager, executive or an employee with a lower position, but possess specialized knowledge and experience and transferred to the parent office, subsidiary, affiliate or branch office of a foreign company;
  • The employee must have been employed by the foreign company for at least one year within the preceding three years and assigned to perform similar responsibilities and duties in the US company or its affiliate;
  • The foreign company and US Company must remain in active, open, and maintain a level of employment activities for the entire duration of employment. Stoppage of employment operation will result to the loss of your L1 status.


L1 Visa: The regular and blanket visas

Regular L1 Visa applicant cannot file the petition for himself, you need a US sponsor who will file the petition in your behalf with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) through Form I-129 (Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker). While the Blanket L visa is available to employers who meet the criteria as determined by the USCIS and issued Intracompany Transferee visa by the US Consulate office or US Embassy having jurisdiction over the applicant.

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