N-400 Complete Naturalization Service

The N-400 Complete Naturalization Service is our complete solution for applying for Naturalization to achieve your U.S. Citizenship. The Complete package is intended for the person that wants their naturalization application done quickly and properly. 

Our Complete Naturalization service consists of:

1. Consulting with client about their individual case. Discussing any complications that may affect their application, discussing any solutions to any possible complications. *

2. Properly filling out the forms necessary to apply for the N-400.

3. Revising the application with the client once complete and making any necessary changes.

4. Mailing out the N-400 application to the appropriate USCIS filing center.

5. Following up on the application with the appropriate US Citizenship and Immigration Service officials. Including making any supplemental filings needed.

6. Prepare the client for the interview with US Citizenship and Immigration Service officials. This includes materials and guides of what to expect during the interview process.**

Pricing for the Complete Naturalization Service is $600.00. 

The pricing includes our services and does not include Government Filing fees. The N-400 Naturalization application filing fee is about $670.00 right now. You will have to provide us with a cashiers check or money order for this amount. 

*Our services do not include attorney attendance at your interview with US Citizenship and Immigration Service. Most applicants do not need to have an attorney present with them in the naturalization interview. However, if your case is complicated or is one that requires an attorney present with you, then we will recommend that you do so. We can either recommend you an attorney, or have one of our attorneys appear with you for an additional fee. Cities that we appear in now are: Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; and Seattle, Washington.

**The materials we provide for studying are materials provided by the US Citizenship and Naturalization Service.  We feel that the best study resources are those provided by USCIS, and that other study guides and materials are only necessary for those that do not understand English well or have difficulty in understanding the government provided materials. If you find that you need additional study materials, we can point you to more guides that can assist in which you may purchase separately.


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