The Immigration Requirements on TRADE NAFTA Visa or TN Visa

nafta visaTrade NAFTA visa or TN visa is a special non-immigrant visa specially designed for the citizens of Canada and Mexico.

Those who meets the requirements may be granted a temporary, nonimmigrant TN visa in the United States for a period of three years renewable for unlimited period every three years thereafter.



NAFTA visa: How created

NAFTA is short for North American Free Trade Agreement enacted in 1993 for the purpose of facilitating professional trade between the countries of Canada, United States, and Mexico. It allows citizens of these countries the opportunity to work in certain professional occupations in their respective. With NAFTA visa, the three countries have agreed on labor exchange program for professional occupations. To qualify, applicants must be offered a job from such country that is among the 63 professional occupations listed in NAFTA. With the job offer, applicants must apply for a Temporary Work Permit (TN Visa).

NAFTA visa requirements for Canadian Citizens

As NAFTA professional, Canadian citizens do not need a visa. The Canadian NAFTA professional shall apply for TN visa at the Port of Entry.The spouse and children (dependents) of NAFTA visa applicant may join the applicant and will be required to apply for TD Visa (dependency visa).The dependents is permitted to stay and study in the US, but they are not permitted to work. However, if dependents are not citizens of Canada, they have to apply for TD visa at the US Consular Office abroad.

The following requirements are required of Canadian NAFTA visa applicant at the Port of Entry:

  • Request for a TN Status admission to a U.S. Immigration Officer;
  • A TN NAFTA employment letter-invitation showing proof of professional engagement;
  • Proof of professional qualifications (college certificates or licensure certificates, etc.) to qualify for the job;
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship; and
  • NAFTA visa application fee

The joining dependents of a Canadian NAFTA visa applicant are required to present the following documents at the Port of Entry:

  • Passports of dependents;
  • Proof of relationship to the principal NAFTA visa holder like marriage certificate and birth certificates of children;
  • Photocopies of entry documents of the principal NAFTA visa applicant;
  • If the spouse and children are not Canadian citizens, they must get a TD Visa from a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad.

NAFTA Requirements for Mexican Citizens

For Mexicans, the procedure is different. As of January 01, 2004, Mexican citizens together with their dependents will have to apply at US Consular Offices abroad for NAFTA visa and TD visa. As part of the application process, the Consular Officer will interview the applicants.

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