Non-Immigrant Visa: Nature and Purpose of the Travel

non-immigrant visanon-immigrant visa: Nature

non-immigrant visa differs from an immigrant visa based on the nature and purpose of the travel. Certain visa categories are designed for specific purpose(s), which will determine the governing immigration policies and rules to direct your qualifications and eligibility requirements to be permitted entry to the United States.

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Our expert immigration Lawyers can help you fill-in the details of your application for non-immigrant visa, secure documents, and other eligibility requirements required for the travel. Bear in mind that non-immigrant visa is issued for a limited period only. Failure to exert effort to file for extension of stay or apply for change of status before the expiration of your non- immigrant status is a ground for automatic cancellation of your visa and you will be considered an overstaying alien and a candidte for deportation.

non-immigrant visa: Purpose

non-immigrant visa grants permit to aliens to enter the U.S. for a limited period either to work, to study, for business or investment purpose, as a tourist or to visit friends or relatives. The length of the visa depends upon the purpose of the travel and the status of admission. Once in the United States, the immigrant can now file for petitions to extend their visit or apply for change of status to remain permanently in the U.S.

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As mentioned, the length of time granted to non-immigrant visa applicants depends on the visa status under which they are admitted. However, once inside the U.S., you can avail of other immigration programs to extend your stay or stay permanently in the U.S. For instance, a Fiancee who normally has 90 days stay in the U.S. may apply for change of status after the marriage. Also a student under F-1 visa many change his or her status to an employer-sponsored non-immigrant visa after graduation and find employment.

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