O1 Visa: USA Immigration Work Permit for Talented Individuals

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O1 visa or Extraordinary Ability visa: The Requirements

O1 visa is intended for highly talented or specially commended individuals in the field of arts, sciences, business, education, and athletics. The program initially has a validity period of three (3) years. However, it imposes no restictions on the number of extensions, which has to be renewed one year at a time.


In addition, O1 visa is your path to acquiring Legal Permanent Resident Status or “Green Card”.

How to obtain O1 visa

USA Citizenships will help you process your O1 visa. They are a team of reliable immigration experts who can help you file your petition or application and produce documents to support your application. The evidence required under the program must be truly “extraordinary.” The extraordinary standards and qualifications must relate to your qualifications as a businessperson, scientist, educato and athlete oras a performing artist or entertainer in the television and motion pictures as presribed by the program.

O1 visa requirements

To be eligible for O1 visa, you have to present proof of your “extraordinary” performances or proof of the following:

  • Advisory opinion from legitimate institutions, associations or labor organizations in the U.S. relating to your skills and field of specialization;
  • Evidence of receipt as a nominee or awardee of a major international award-giving bodies like the Nobel Prize or the Olympic Gold Medal or awards like Academy Awards, Emmy or Grammy awards and the like in the field of arts and entertainment industry. In its absence, you may present at least 3 of the following:
  1. Awards or recognition in the national and in international level ;
  2. Proof of membership in highly reputable organizations recognized internationally;
  3. Publication in any professional or major business magazines or publications circulated nationally or internationally;
  4. Scientific or scholarly work or writings of major significance in recognition of the your skills and expertise; and
  5. Proof of employment in some business enterprise holding a critical position by reason of your specialized skills in an organization or enterprise with a distinguished reputation.
  • Has been earning or demanding higher compensation compared to others in the same field of profession

O1 visa appplication

O1 visa applicants may apply with the US Consulate Office or Embassy by filing Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker (Form l-129) without prior approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). Dependents of O1 visa applicants may join the applicant to the US by applying for O3 visa. Likewise, the accompanying group support of O1 visa applicant is permitted to process for O2 visa. The support group may refer to the director, make-up artist, costume designer, music arranger and all other staff and employees that have specific responsibility for the success of the entire event or show.

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