P-1 Entertainer and Athete Visas

P-1 Entertainer/Athlete VisaP-1 Entertainer/Athlete Visa is meant for entertainers and athletes for performing in group as a part of the team. This visa is further classified into P-2, P-3 and P-4 categories. The P-1 category is a special one for individual athletes or entertainers or for teams who seek to enter US to either compete in an athletic completion in the case of athletes or perform on stage in case of entertainers. This is a non-immigrant visa and is issued for the period of 5 years initially. The other classified categories of this visa is meant for essential support personnel such as coaches, scouts, trainers and other team officials as well as for group entertainers and artists and entertainers participating in an exchange program or culturally unique program.

Eligibility criterion for P-1 Entertainer/Athlete Visa:

  1. Individual or group athletes or entertainers must all be recognized to be able to participate in the event to be held on international level.
  2. Evidences of contracts that are legal and signed with the employer or organization are necessary to apply. In case of athlete, copy of contract with sports league and in case of entertainers, copy of contract with the media or the entertainment company is necessary to submit.
  3. In case of athletes, the applicant has to submit the following as the proof:
  • Participation in US major sports league in prior seasons.
  • Articipation in international competitions with a national team.
  • Written statement from the sports media or a recognized expert.
  • Significant participation in a prior US major league season.

Applying for the P-1 Entertainer/Athlete Visa:

All the supporting documents which may serve as the evidence and prove that all the legal requirements are met shall be submitted with the application. The labor organization issues a written document which states the nature of the work that will be done by the applicant and this document must be submitted by the applicant with his application. A statement proving that the group has been established and performing regularly for a period of at least one year may also be submitted by the applicant. After all this has been done, the petition by the employer has to be filed with the USCIS for further processing the application.

Advantages of P-1 Entertainer/Athlete Visa:

  • The P-1 visa holder enjoys the privilege of moving in and out of the US freely.
  • The P-1 visa holder can even study in US on the part time basis.
  • The P-1 visa holder can apply for the permanent resident status in US by applying for the adjustment of status.
  • The P-1 visa holder is allowed to perform in any event or competitions held in US and even win prize money.
  • The P-1 visa holder can bring his/her dependents in US as well.

Limitations of the P-1 Entertainer/Athlete Visa:

  • It is mandatory for the entertainers to perform as a part for the group and not on individual basis.
  • The dependent of the P-1 visa holder are not allowed to work while on stay in US.
  • It is necessary for the labor organization to consult USCIS without which the application of the applicant will not be considered.

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