US Entertainment Visa for Athletes: P Visa

p visaP visa : Nature and Purpose

The P visa is a nonimmigrant visa specifically intended for entertainers, artists, or team athletes that will be performing in the United States as an individual or as a group within a specified period. The athletes referred to in this travel visa are those athletes that gained international recognition in their profession. They are those athletes and performenrs who excel in their chosen field because of exemplary skills and performance. The athletes use the P visa to enter the U.S. to join a competition, an event, a show, or a competition .

Who can avail for P visa?

For individual athletes, entry to the U.S. must be under P-1 visa, which is granted for five (5) years initially which may be extended for another five (5) years, but not exceeding ten (10) years. For group athletes, admission to the U.S. shall be for the duration of the competition or show. However, it must not exceed one (1) year or up to the completion of the competition, event, or show. Normally, extensions may be granted only for one (1) year increment. The spouse and children of the P-1 visa holder may come along through P-4 visas. The P-1 visa holder will have the following privileges:

  • can enter the U.S. and perform for a fee or for prize money;
  • can study while in the U.S. as a performing artists or performer; and
  • file a separate petition for a travel visa to accompanying support staff or personnel for the event, show or competition like the coach, trainers, and other team officials.

How to obtain a P visa

It must be noted, that in P visa the athlete or performer could not file the petition for himself. Theinitiative must necessarily come from a US employer, event organizer, or through the U.S. agent who files the petititon with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS. The US-based petitioner-sponsor must first obtain a written advisory opinion from a labor group regarding the nature of the event and the qualifications of the applicant, which include the following:

  • significant awards received in sport events or competitions which is recognized internatinally;
  • contracts to be performed while in the U.S. as an individual performer or as an entertainment group;
  • advisory opinion from the sports media or a recognized sports experts;
  • written statement from major US sports associations or recognized governing sports organizers
  • records of international events or shows in the U.S. and abroad including U.S. College or University competitions.

Once the petition is approved, the athlete may now apply for P-1 visa with the US Consulate or U.S. Embassy while the dependents may apply for P-4 visa. However, dependents are not allowed to work while in the U.S., but may attend school or earn college education.

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