Regional Center and EB-5 Investment Visa Green Cards

Regional Center and EB-5 Investment Visa Green Cards

Regional Center and EB-5 Investment Visa Green Cards category provides an excellent opportunity to all those foreigners who are looking forward to live and work in the US with freedom and flexibility to engage in commercial enterprise anywhere in the US. This visa also paves way for the foreign investors to get a permanent residency status in US by fulfilling certain requirements. The United States Congress created EB-5 visas in 1990. The foreign investment program awards green cards to immigrants who typically invest $1 million USD in a commercial enterprise that will benefit the US economy and create at least 10 full-time jobs for US workers.

The applicant of Regional Center and EB-5 Investment Visa Green Cards has to invest an amount of $500,000 into a Government approved Regional Center in order to qualify for this visa. The benefit with this visa is that the applicant and his whole family becomes eligible for the getting the lawful permanent resident status. Another benefit is that the holder of this visa will have the flexibility to take any job, run any business, retire and live anywhere in the USA.

Following points must be kept in mind by the investor willing to get Regional Center and EB-5 Investment Visa Green Cards:

1. Minimum amount required: The minimum amount needed to be invested by a foreign national amounts to $500,000 in a Regional Center which is approved by the government. The other condition is that the investor invests an amount of $1 million in an American business which creates at least 10 jobs. Based on these requirements we can immediately identify that without at least $500,000 available to invest, this visa is not an option.

2. Identifying option to make the investment: A foreign investor must identify all the options available to him in order to make his investments. Several companies help in identifying opportunities where an investor can make his investment and also facilitates the EB-5 applicants in various ways. Investors have the option of starting a new business, investing in a current business or making a donation to a Regional Center. All options should be seriously considered by any potential investors.

3. Preparation of documents: After finalizing the investment plan, preparation of necessary documents, that will be needed to submit to the US Embassy, is required to be done. All the documents must be properly placed and the investor needs to make sure that the documents are complete in order to avoid any risk of delays or penalties due to missing or lost documents. From financial records to all relevant documents of children and family members, make sure your documents are current and comprehensive.

4. The need to select a lawyer: The whole process of applying for the get Regional Center and EB-5 Investment Visa Green Cards must be done under an experienced immigration lawyer as potential investors are not at all advised to attempt the EB-5 visa process without experienced legal representation. The assistance of an experienced professional is highly advised to the foreign investors looking to get the whole process done smoothly.

Keeping in mind all the above stated points an applicant will be saved from any unseen trouble which may arise in the processing of Regional Center and EB-5 Investment Visa Green Cards and the whole process will end smoothly.