Citizenship and Naturalization Services provides the most efficient form of applying for naturalization or citizenship. is designed specifically for the ease of use and navigation for those seeking to apply for Naturalization and or solve Citizenship issues.

If you need information and services regarding Green Cards and or immigration visas, please visit our sections on those services.

Our Citizenship and Naturalization Services are consistent with applying with the USCIS N-400 form for Naturalization and other Citizenship services. The N-400 application is the most commonly requested service in Citizenship and Naturalization practice, therefore we have created a few service packages.

Our Naturalization Service packages are as follow:

Naturalization Services

N-400 Complete Naturalization Service: fees $600.00

Includes consultation, application preparation and submittal to the appropriate USCIS field office

For More information and Pricing on the N-400 Complete Naturalization Service, click here

N-400 Application Review:    fees $200.00

Includes Review of your already prepared application. Includes review of your case and consultation as to how to remedy any mistakes or complications.

For more information and pricing for the N-400 application review service, click here.

Citizenship and Naturalization Consultation: fees $50.00

We schedule a consultation with our immigration attorney once he has reviewed your questionnaire and investigated any special laws that may apply to your case.

For scheduling a consultation or more information on our citizenship and naturalization consultation, Citizenship and Naturalization Consultation

Citizenship Service

Citizenship Services:

Aside from our Naturalization Services, we provide assistance in recovering or retaining your lawful citizenship status. Our fees are based on individual circumstances and will be determined on those facts. For more information please contact our office.

For information assistance with specific citizenship matters please contact our office so that your individual citizenship matter may be reviewed and discussed.

Other Immigration Services

Green Card Services:

We provide immigration services for applying for Green Cards and Lawful Permanent Residence. For more information on those services we encourage that you visit our Green Card site, or contact our office.

For further information on Green Card Services and Lawful Permanent Residence, please visit our page here


Immigration Visa Service:

We provide immigration services for applying for an immigration visa. For more information and pricing, we recommend that you visit our page for Immigration Visas or contact our office for a quote.

For further information on our immigration visa services and to determine whether you qualify for a visa, please visit our page on immigration visas here.