Spouse Visa Documents needed

The Documents Needed to Obtain a Spouse Visa

The process of obtaining a spouse visa is not an easy task to undertake. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and central to the petition is the submission of authenticated documents to prove the relationship and the marriage between the U.S. citizen and the foreign spouse.


The following are the documents required to be submitted to the Consulate for the petition for a marriage visa:


a) The DS-2001 (or also called the OF-169 or the UK/85). This is the document containing all the instructions that need to be followed in completing the petition. This is also a checklist to prepare you for your interview with the Consul.

b) The OF-167. This is the information sheet that details the financial responsibility of the petitioner. Also included with this is I-134 or Affidavit of Support form.

c) The DS-230 or OF-230 Part 1. This is the applicant’s biographical sheet.

d) The DS-156. This is the non-immigrant visa application form that needs to be completed.

e) The DS-156K or the non-immigrant fiancé (e) visa application form that needs to be completed by the non-citizen applicant.

f) The DS-157. This is the Supplemental non-immigration Visa Application. This is completed by all male applicants for a visa between 16 and 45 years of age.

g) Also included in the packet is a medical exam information sheet together with a list of required immunizations that the applicant needs to have obtained.

h) The DSL-1083. This is the information sheet about police certifications, medical records and other information that may be required by the Embassy to reach a decision on the application.


Once the applicant has received all these papers, the following needs to be undertaken at the quickest possible time.


a) The applicant must read all the instructions contained in the packet and look over the forms and checklist included for completion.

b) The applicant must fill out and sign the DS-230 (or OF-230) Part 1 of the biographical data sheet and return the completed forms to the Consulate or Embassy. In case there are children or there is a child, a separate data sheet needs to be submitted together with the applicant’s data sheet. Upon receipt of the data sheets, the clock starts to run in the processing of your visa application.

c) Contained in the DS-2001 (or UK/85 or OF-169) checklist is a listing of all the items needed before going for the consul’s interview. The following items are as follows:


1. Valid Passport;

2. Duly authenticated Birth Certificate;

3. Divorce decree, if applicable;

4. Duly authenticated Police Certificate;

5. Latest Photographs of the appropriate size;

6. Evidence of Support from the U.S. citizen, submitted through the completion of Form I-134;

7. Military Records, if applicable;

8. Any translations for the documents submitted in the visa application.


Once all these pertinent documents have been gathered and completed in compliance with the given checklist, you need to return the completed OF-169 (or UK/85) checklist to the Consulate. Keep the originals and send only the checklist. Furthermore, you need to keep Form DS-156 and the DS-156K application forms and complete them with your signature in the presence of the Consul and then submit them.


As discussed, there is a great deal of work involved in procuring the right documents to support your spouse visa application. In order to make this process more efficient, contact the immigration attorneys of today.