The TN Visa for Canadian and Mexican Professionals

Who can avail of TN visa or NAFTA Professional Worker visa?

TN VisaThe TN visa is a nonimmigrant visa that can be availed by Canadian and Mexican nationals under the United States agreement with Canada and Mexico called North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA creating a special economic and trade relationships for the United States, Canada, and Mexico.




In this agreement, the nationals of Canada and Mexico can now enter and work in the U.S. subject to some qualifications and limitations:

  • the person must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico;
  • the work must be included in the NAFTA list;
  • the foreign national must be a professional who meets the conditions for the position to be eligible;
  • the foreign ntional is going to work for a U.S. employer;

TN visa: Conditions for spouses and dependents joining the principal

The spouse and unmarried minor child/children of a Mexican national who is the principal TN Visa holder is entitled to a derivative status (TD visa). Proof must be presented for that spousal and parent-child relationship. The dependents of the principal need not be necessarily a citizen of Mexico or Canada. The dependents can join the principal TN visa holder in the U.S., but they are not allowed to work during their stay in the United States. While for Canadian nationals, the spouse and minor children of the principal are not required to acquire a TD visa, but like the principal, they have to comply with the requirements at the port of entry.

TN visa; Work conditions

Any Canadian citizen availing the TN visa is not required to apply for the TN visa, but must request and receive the “TN” status with the USCIS at the port of entry. At the port of entry, the Canadian citizen must provide the following:

  • A request for “TN” status;
  • University certificates and Employment records to establish the applicant’s qualifications under NAFTA;
  • A letter invitation from the alien’s prospective US-based employer offering a job in the United States which should be included on the NAFTA list;

For Mexicans, they are required to obtain a TN visa before they are admitted to the United States. They have to file the petition for TN visa at the US Embassy or Consular Office of their home country and must be present during the interview. Except for persons below 13 years of age and persons above 80 years of age, no interview is required unless requested by the Consular official. Applicant must present legitimate proof of relationship with the spouse or child. Dependents do not have to be citizens of Mexico or Canada.

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