Trade Investment Visa for US Trade Investors

Trade Investment visa: Trade Investor Qualifications

Trade investments VisaTrade Investment visa or E-2 visa is designed for foreign investors who wish to invest a substantial amount of capital in a business situated in the United States. It is necessary that the petitioner is a national of a treaty country where an existing bilateral investment treaty for commerce and navigation exists between the United States. The foreign national as petitioner must own at least 50% of the investment. In addition, the petitioner must develop and direct personally the operations of the business or in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital in an enterprise located in the United States.


To qualify as an international investor, the petitioner is required to:

  • · Put up a new business or enterprise in the U.S.;
  • · Invest in an existing business or enterprise located in the U.S.; and
  • · Purchase an existing business or enterprise in the US.

Trade Investment visa: Employee Qualifications

The employee referred in E-2 visa is the one holding the position as Executive, Manager and Supervisor or an Essential employee of the foreign investor. The employee must belong to the same Nationality with the investor or the nationality of majority ownership of the business. The employee is allowed to apply for E-2 visa provided:

  1. He hold the position of a manager, executive, or in a supervisory position of an existing business or somebody who possess specialized skills necessary for the operation of the business in the U.S;
  2. He is one of the key personnel managing a U.S. branch of an affiliate or a sister company located abroad;
  3. He is a personnel sent by a the company of a treaty nation to establish a U.S. company; and
  4. There must be a showing of existing substantial trade between the U.S. business and the treaty country.

Trade Investment visa: Application procedure

The E-2 investment visa can be directly filed at the U.S. Consulate office or Embassy of the Home Country of the foreign applicant. The E-2 visa is valid for 5 years and may be extended every five (5) years thereafter with no limit in number of extensions for as long as the condition for E-2 visa remains the same.

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